Jewelry l’Amulette


L’Amulette has been in operation since 2006. The owners were originally from different backgrounds. One is a blacksmith and the other studied jewelry in one of the best schools of the province of Quebec and Canada. The materials used in their creations are mainly gold, silver, and sometimes iron with the addition of pearls and gems. Every step of the creation process is done in their shops in Charlevoix, a region north-east of Quebec City.

Over the years they have developed many styles but since 2007 they have been focusing almost exclusively on one type of work: the creation of jewelry made with real plants and flowers. Their special molding technique enables them to immortalize and very accurately reproduce hundreds of natural shapes and forms thereby promoting the incomparable beauty of nature. They then add their own touch to personalize every piece within each collection: the orchids, the lilacs, native north-American Flowers and the St-Laurent’s River collections.

The creations of L’Amulette are displayed in Canada at different arts and crafts shows and in boutiques. Since 2015, their work has also been exhibited in events and galleries in Tokyo, Japan, and New-York.  Until now the majority of their efforts have been aiming at making unique, high-end jewelry pieces. The collections shown in this catalogue are designed to be appreciated by a large clientele.

Bénédite Séguin, joaillière

Bénédite Séguin, Jeweler

I grew up in the country, in the Charlevoix region of the Province of Quebec, near the entrance of the National Park of the Hautes-Gorges of the Malbaie River, where I discovered and was touched very early by nature’s beauty and originality. For many years now, I have been working towards developing jewels representative of the region by using the local vegetation as primary matter (plants and flowers) to make my jewels. In 2010, as part of a scholarship from the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, I got the opportunity to do research work in Jewelry making aimed at improving my exclusive molding technique. Since then, more than one hundred species of plants have been transformed to make up a silver herbarium. I love the way my creations seal the alliance between arts and botany.

Artistic approach

My unique process aims at obtaining a print of a flower, a plant or any other element in plaster and injecting this mold with gold or silver. As in an herbarium I transform plant matter into metal and, in so doing, capture this magical and ephemeral universe. My jewels are elegant and harmonious. They surprise us by the realism of the shapes and textures of the elements they reincarnate. My approach also aims at familiarising people with Quebec’s natural heritage and at helping to keep and protect this biodiversity. I also work at valorising private collections such as that of the Lilac Gardens in Cap à l’Aigle and the orchids collection of the Montreal Botanical Gardens. I am also on the lookout for new pairings linking culture and environment with organisms and enterprises in the Province of Quebec.

Watch this short documentary to learn how we make our jewelry (in french only)

All jewels within these collections are the result of the transformation of a real plant into a high value jewel of either silver or gold. The plants are picked individually, coated with a thin layer of wax, molded in plaster and transformed into precious metals. They are then mounted in the form of a jewel and adorned with soft-water pearls. We can contemplate the realism and subtle details of these unique jewels.